Official AVForums Blu-ray Review: War Horse

Simon Crust

Movie Reviewer
Reviewed by Simon Crust, 24th May 2012.
The exploitation of animals for our own gain has been around for thousands of years, be it as simple as having a pet, or holding sway over vast numbers of animals culling their milk, fur or meat. Indeed it is this reliance on livestock that changed the very nature of human existence and created civilisation as we know it; no longer hunter/gatherer but farmer. Of all the animals that we humans have dominated it is perhaps the horse that is the most versatile. Its very nature means it is a very adaptable creature, able to hold a rider, pull a carriage or more, race for entertainment or even hold a line in the battlefield. It is a testament to horses adaptability (or might that be man’s domination of it) that is it still used today in much the same way as it has been over the course of history. Mounted police are a very imposing sight, imagine then many hundreds of the same fully armed lined up on a battlefield. For many hundreds of years the greatest military victories were...

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