Official AVForums Blu-ray Review: Strippers vs Werewolves

Simon Crust

Editorial Contributor
Reviewed by Chris McEneany 11th May 2012.
“I’m kill gonna kill you so slowly that your driving licence will expire before you do!”

WOW!Two of my personal things in life thrust together into one movie – naked ladies and hairy lycanthropes. How can I possibly go wrong with such a pent-up, primal mix as that?

Okay, okay … let’s see how this pack runs.

So Martin Kemp’s off-duty wolfman, Mickey, prowls his way into a lap-dancing joint, and gets Adele Silva to dance for him in a schoolgirl uniform down in a private booth. So you can’t exactly blame him for getting a little hot under the collar and beginning to drool, can you? However, once he starts to fur-up and sprout fangs, Silva’s eyes go wider than her provocative thighs and when the aroused howler can contain his urges no longer and finally pounces she sticks her conveniently silver-tipped fountain pen right in his feral eye. Stuck with a stiff-with-a-stiffie (that...

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