Official AVForums Blu-ray Review: Puss in Boots 3D

Simon Crust

Movie Reviewer
Reviewed by Simon Crust, 11th April 2012.
Of all the characters that inhabit the ‘Shrek Universe’ it was only Puss in Boots that I could never remember the original fairy story from whence he came. Even though I ‘knew’ the character, the story eluded me, and I was very surprised that even after reading it, I still didn’t know – by that I mean it was not an instantly recognisable tale, but a rather obscure morality fable about the importance of industry and extolling the virtues of dress. Indeed this original tale, which is credited to one Charles Perrault a retired French civil servant at the very close of the seventeenth century, has not been retold or updated to any significant degree whereas the character has appeared outside of the story in other adaptations, hence my familiarity with him, but not the story. In fact, tonight’s feature presentation, in common with many of the adaptations of the character, bares absolutely no relation to the original tale excepting the boots...

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