Official AVForums Blu-ray Review: John Carter

Simon Crust

Movie Reviewer
Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 10th June 2012.
Disney took us to Mars … but it seems that very few people actually enjoyed the trip!

Except for me, of course, and I’ve taken the ride quite a few times since the movie first opened. So now that John Carter has proved to be a box-office and cultural catastrophe, let’s look again at one of Cinema’s most undeservedly ridiculed and maligned large-scale spectacles on 2D Blu.

Written by Tarzan-boy, Edgar Rice Burroughs, way back in 1912, the phenomenal pulp heroic cliffhangers chronicling Civil War hero Captain John Carter’s adventures on the red planet, have been in the DNA of almost every SF or fantasy yarn that has come along since then. Superman, Conan, Flash Gordon, Planet of the Apes, Dune, Star Wars, Stargate and Avatar are the big hitters so colossally influenced by the concepts that Burroughs just hurled onto the page in colourful fever-dream momentum over a...

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