Official AVF Fifa League part XVIII


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results :

Geo 2 - 1 Nanope
Nanope 0 - 2 Geo

I remember from the games I played vs Geo in fifa 11 that he had an annoying knack of being able to predict where all my passes were going. Some things never change

The games were fairly close and I missed a couple of sitters at 0 - 0 in both of them, but it always felt like he was only a couple of passes away from creating another chance.

thanks for the games
Thanks for the games buddy.

Yeah they were both pretty tight and took a few scrappy goals to break things up.

We actually had avery similar style which seemed to cancel things out a bit but they were still good games.

Good luck for the rest of your games.


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I've not been able to get online for the past couple of days due to 'real world' commitments, but I'll be online quite a bit tomorrow and Sunday if woodywizz, booyaka or nanope would be available to do battle :)


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Tartandon - am available now.


I'll be about probably tonight once kids in bed


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Ignore the last list, juggled the fixtures a bit.

Week 2

Conference A
Gunhawk v Bogside
Stephen1976 v HDGlory

Conference B
Nanope v Cristoff19
Stationairy v Woodywizz (1)
Rehmanmohamed v Woodywizz

Week 3

Conference A
HDGlory v Bogside
Stephen1976 v Gunhawk

Conference B
Woodywizz v Booyaka
Stationairy v Nanope
Cristoff19 v Geo (1)

Week 4

Conference A
Bogside v Stephen1976

Conference B
Booyaka v Rehmanmohamed
Stationairy v Cristoff19

Week 5

Conference A

Conference B
Rehmanmohamed v Nanope
Woodywizz v Geo
Booyaka v Cristoff19

To be honest this is more a guideline. As long as nobody is falling too far behind I'm not panicking. I just want to get past this season and settle down for the next one to be a bit calmer.

Results updating in 5...


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Phil, my first 2 fixtures were no shows and Gunny hasn't been on this week. I've got ahead by playing Goo, but not sure what else I can do.


Played Nanope.

Nanope won the first game 2-1 (although I did hit the post in the last minute)
I went 2 - 0 up early on and thought I was in for an easy game. Didn't turn out that way though as rehman pulled one back in the second and kept the pressure on. I was hanging on at the end. Game of 2 halves.

2nd game finished 1-0 to nanope.
close game from the start, not many chances created but i had the more clear cut ones and managed to score a header to clinch it.

Thanks for the games mate, well played :thumbsup:


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Must have been early in week. Says 4 days on PSN. Am I OK to assume that as long as we've played some games this week we're OK. I fancy putting in the Godfather now and turning off the Ps3
hey Boggy, yeah i got 4 games in fairly early in the week and so didnt make it to much of a priority to get on for the rest of the week!

I can be on tomorrow night to play our games if you like? any time good for you pal?


Pinged you a message last night Woodywizz as you were playing MW3. Should be on again tonight after 8pm


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stationairy 1 v 1 nanope

real good game think i would say i had the best of the chances but was very close game real end to end

nanope 2 v 3 stationairy

another end to end game my 3rd goal was a real cracker by jordan mutch

thanks for games nanope

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