Official 360 VGA cable Optical sound problem


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I've tried searching for an answer to my problem but have had no joy. Yesterday I bought an official 360 VGA HD AV cable and also a Creative Labs 5.1 surround system. I hooked it all up using optical from the VGA cable to the amp. There was no sound at all, I unhooked it and tried again making sure all the cables were seated correctly and still nothing. I then put the red & white cables that are part of the VGA cable into the adapter and put that into my tv and again nothing. I tried plugging the red and white leads directly into the tv like i do on the component cable and you guessed it still no sound. I then went back to the component cable and plugged the optical in and bingo sound straight away. I tried the vga again and still nothing. Today I went to a friends house to pick up the receipt to take the VGA cable back to Game and while I was there I tried the cable on his 360 and bingo sound through optical straight away!!

I'm a little confused now as to where the problem could lie. Do any of you guys have any ideas? I'm sure someone else has had this problem.



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Your first post seems a little confusing. Are you actually trying to connect a digital optical cable to the amp from the VGA cable or are you trying to use the red and white phonos that come attacheed to it.


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Hi sorry,

I have tried both using the optical cable to the amp and also using the red and white into the tv and neither work. I have now tried 2 different VGA cables and got the same issue. When I use the composite it is fine both optical into amp and red/white into tv. Hope this clears up the confusion. Thanks for trying to help

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