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Hi all,
I'm in the process of planning a new build garage/office which I want to setup as flexible as possible from an AV perspective, as per the title its planning to be an office with multi function Golf Sim/Cinema

Firmly in the planning phase, i'm not looking at specific makes/models of equipment, more the theory of cabling sources and how to achieve what I want to, if possible!!

Attached the current working room layout, dimensions not finalised but a good indicator of the size available:
Green line at the bottom - Golf sim/cinema screen, so an impact screen to project onto with projector ceiling mounted, ideally be able to use this as cinema (more below)
Red line top right - TV wall mounted over a desk, opposite small kitchen/bar area
Purple square on the right - planned AV cabinet containing media sources, remotes etc

Planned sources at the moment are PC (for golf sim software/other), PS5, Sky Q box
Looking to setup surround sound (5/7.1 or Atmos) with wall/ceiling mounted speakers

Some questions that I'm trying to answer:

Concurrent Display
Is it easy enough to setup and control the ability for any of the sources above to be displayed on any of the 2 displays (TV, projector) concurrnetly? EG PC on projector while Sky is on the TV? Obviously audio would also play a part, which display to be priority on surround speakers

Projector Screen
Has anyone had any experience of movies on an impact screen? Are cinema screens noticeably better quality? Thinking maybe having an additional drop down screen for quality 4k movies. Which leads on to...

Projector Presets
The golf sim would largly be 4:3 aspect ratio, with ideally projected area being from the floor up to a height of 2 or so meters. Switching to movie mode (if this is on an additional drop down screen or the same one) would mean it'd switch to 16:9 (or similar), can projectors "remember" the projecting area for different inputs or for different presets? Just concious I dont want to be adjusting the projector when switching input resoultions/sources etc

Thanks a lot in advance for any assistance, i'd like to take the oppotunity to get this all sorted while its being built to keep it all as tidy as possible.


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