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I work in a medium size building and my office is at the front (west facing).

Say a good 20-25ft square.

2 of us in the office. My colleague sits near to the window (the brighter part of the office, obviously) and i sit at the other end (darker).

We've been given the go ahead to look at some lighting solutions since our current ones (3 x strips - look a bit like this T5 High Frequency Surface Mounted Cat 2 Louvre - Lyco Direct) are not liked.

Our current lights have no dimmer control. Simply on or off. One almost above me, one almost above my colleague and 1 in the other corner of the room.

I find them too bright so, most of the time, we have the lights off so the room is on the verge of being too dark (today it's bright sunshine outside so it's ok at the moment (thought not that bright really (since the window faces West).

I think I'd prefer some sort of softer light or dimmable strips that can be toned down so they're not overpowering.

Budget, no idea but i doubt we'd get away with more than a couple of hundred £.

Any ideas?



You do get different types of T5 tubes.
You get normal/cool/warm.
I'm sure ours are warm because we found cool/daylight tubes too harsh.


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Why not your own desk lamps or floorstanding ones, Easy to move/adjust and if your colleague doesn't need a light and you do - no problem


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Aye we are thinking of individual floor standing lights. Would be an easy option as it would save messing around with the ceiling lights at the moment.

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