Offered a bargain plasma - Which one ???


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Jun 24, 2003
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A friends partner is in the electronics business and can get hold of a couple of plasmas at a killer price.

The sets on offer with over 60% off are :-

Sony KE42TS2 which is 1024x1024, 1000:1, DVI-HDTV ready (Currys £4000)

Philips 42PF9945 which is 852x480 1000:1 (Currys £3500)

The Sony seems the higher resolution and offers HDTV, so that seems the better to me, but I would value the opinions of those in the know. Or would I be better staying clear, saving longer and getting a Pana/Pio/Hit ?

Thanks, David.
Neither would be my choice, 2 of the worst supposed 'quality' screens on the market, that's why they're on offer, nobody will buy them. But if they're cheap enough, it's for you to decide where to draw the VFM line.
I have seen all of the screens up and running.

I personally would not buy the Phillips - even for £1,300, but I think that the Sony is a good buy.

I have seen the Sony online for about £2,750, and at that price, I would definitely go for the Panny 6.

At half price, it would have to be the Sony - it is not as good as the Panny, but IMO there is not £1,500 difference!
David, be careful if they're 'ex-display' or pre-used, check the one you choose (if any) for evidence of abuse i.e. long running hours/static image burn in.

If neither are brand new in the box, then the price could seem a little steep for these particular displays, which as you can tell from the forums, are not favoured by the enthusiasts. However, that said, £1300 for a brand new Sony HD plasma? I think it would be up in my bedroom by the weekend and the old 'space hungry' CRT would be down the tip!
I've been promised that they come from someone who imports on behalf of major retailers, and they are new, boxed and guaranteed. I might be able to get two, if you want to cross my palm with £1500 ;)

I've seen tham both running at Currys (spit) and they didn't look as good as the Pany and Pio's, but all were all being fed through RF :rolleyes: . The Sony had the edge with a brighter sharper picture and slightly better contrast.

I'd grab one like a shot normally, but I've just bought a new car and funds are tight. I hate to miss a bargain though :mad:
Id take one of the Sonys for £1500 if it was new and fully boxed. Not my first choice (actually not even my second but at that price you cant go wrong. Let me know. (in London by the way)
Being grey imports lowers the value also, but broadly I concur with the opinions, the sony is the better of the 2, but personally I'd sooner do without than settle for 2nd best, a life philosophy if you like.

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