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Does anyone know what the Home Theater option does on the Mosaic? As far as I can see from the manual, all it does is allow you to turn several devices on at one. Surely you can just write a macro to do this and save it to an existing power on button.

Also, is it possible to move the device keys to be displayed in a different order? The only way I can see is to delete and load in the order you require.


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It's supposed to put the main functions of your whole system on the one screen eg your screen could be a tv, your source could be your dvd and your sound could be through your av reciever.

The theater set up will put tv, dvd and amp controls on the same screens as if it is a new all in one device.

Otherwise you have to choose tv to turn the brightness up, then choose amp to say change to Dolby prologic II then choose dvd to skip a chapter which is more cumbersome.

I don't use it however...

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