Odroid N2 - Initial experience


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HI all, having came close to doing a group buy on the M9702, I opted instead for an Odroid N2.

I came to this as it is a fairly new device/chipset, and runs CoreELEC a Linux-based OS purely built for running Kodi, and seemingly has the potential to not have a lot of the android-based quirks and restrictions. Also, I have Apple4K for commercial streaming services, so this would be purely to playback my own curated media content from a Home Server running NFS shares. Having persevered for over a year with a Dune4K Pro, I got fed up with the bugginess and limitations on a device that was supposed to have been the perfect match of hardware and software vendor at the time.

My goals have always been fairly simple :-

1. Native ISO playback of 480/576 DVD at native resolution and refresh rate.
2. Native ISO playback of 1080 Bluray at native resolution and refresh rate.
3. Native ISO playback of 3D Bluray w/remuxed Atmos Tracks.
4. Lossless playback of ripped CDs (WMA and FLAC)
5. To have a reasonable GUI with Metadata and Artwork.

In general the device is really small and compact, and performance of navigation and overall video and sound seem top-notch. It's well thought-out and dedicated to purpose. I would say that IR/remote via my Harmony Elite is a bit sluggish, maybe should have opted for the bluetooth add-on as well.

Having spent a week with it, I am not exactly there with my goals, but I have hope :-

1. ISO 480/576 having whitelisted the resolutions results in black screen, requiring a power on/off. The ISOs playback perfectly with full menu options at resolutions other than native, there just seems to be an issue which I hope is software-related. The same happens with a couple test mkv files, also tried with different cable and display. I have posted in Kodi and CoreELEC forums for advice but no bites yet.

2. ISO 1080 bluray is perfect. Full menus, great quality, and HD audio formats passed to the Receiver.

3. Spent yesterday trying to make 3D ISOs w/remuxed Atmos. I think this may be a rabbit-hole, as I want the original full resolution frame-packed 3D which Android can't do. I was hoping the Linux system could, (as the Oppo firmware that runs on Linux can), but maybe not. It has to do with the MVC codec I believe. Could not get the Atmos tracks to playback either. More research needed.

4. CD Music - Have not tried yet, but not really expecting problems.

5. The native Kodi app is doing its thing with Movie/TV artwork and metadata. I run Emby server, which is already adding metadata and artwork in the directory, so it could be using that, but Emby allows you to tailor it. Kodi also has an Emby plugin, not explored yet. Not sure if the Emby plugin will serve the underlying ISO, it doesn't support it via the Emby app on other platforms.

But overall I think it's an interesting device and option, based on individual needs.
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