Odd THX trailer question



funny one this, I have downloaded a THX trailer...

It's a Star Wars one, X-Wings on the bombing run

It's very high quality and legit for definite

Does anyone know which film(s) this might be from as I'd love to see it properly
Maybe its not out yet and its from the trilogy DVD thats

If you don't mind me asking where did you download it from.
I'd love to see it.
The filename includes pixar in the title... it's the original scene but looks like it's been re-animated.

i can't say where I got it from as I don't think this forum allows mention of filesharing
Thats some pretty serious rendering/frame cleaning going on then.
for gods sake just tell us where to get it!


This is the official site that host this trailer...It is available from here in DIVX (7.7Mb) of QUICKTIME (36Mb)... worth the download..... especially in Quicktime....THX WOW.

I hope posting this URL doesn't warrant a ban.

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