Question Odd Samsung 43" TV mounting screw sizes M8 21.5-22.5 c (mm)


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We have a Samsung UN43J5200 43" TV. The M6 screws from last set are too short. The Samsung manual states I need M8 21.5-22.5 c (mm) length screws. But I can only find 20 and 30mm. Is this where adapters come in?

In addition the bottom part of the TV on the back protrudes out - entire back not plat. The thickness of my brackets I think will just fit. If not, other spacing adapter sets I can buy?



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A simple solution would be m8x25 with a couple of washers under the head of the bolt to in effect reduce the bolts length , they should be easy enough to get hold of , if not then I would quite happily stick some in the post for you , what they are specifying is nonsense to be honest ....

But maybe not to the USA lol !!!


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Thats some good advice thanks! Now I cant use my mount because the mount rails are too long and hit that damned protrusion on the bottom of TV (see pic). Arrg Samsung! So Im now going to need a mounting bracket with shorter bottom sides of the rails to accommodate this dumb protrusion, and with thicker rails to allow it to reach and hang the plate. 200x200 VESA.


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