Odd centre speaker positioning question.

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Moving into a new flat next week. Hopeful of using my PJ and electronic screen by putting it above the patio doors. Therefore, can I position the centre above the screen or will the sound be to detached?

I cant really see it being any different to it being under the screen, although it will not be at the same height as the L/R fronts.

Any thoughts?



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I have my screen over a door too. Originally I had the centre above the screen, angled down to the listening area with the left and right speakers wall mounted level with the centre of the screen. It worked quite well, but now I've upgraded to larger front speakers, the centre is too large to fit above the screen so I have it on a stand and move it out of the way of the door when not in use. I've also lowered the wall brackets so that the three fronts are almost in line.

My system does sound better now, although it's mostly due to the better quality speakers, having them lower and almost in line helps as well.

If you do mount it above the screen, remember to compensate for the greater distance in your amp set up.


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The centre speaker can go above the screen but the front speakers must be as close as possible to being level with the centre (IIRC the speaker cones should be no more than 60cm above or below the cones of the centre speaker) or speech will be detached from the main sounds. Are your front Left and Right speakers wall mountable also?

If you can mount them all at high level then you just need to angle them towards the listening position and it should sound fine.

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