Odd (But Common ?) TV Problem.


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We've got a Bush flat 28" 16:9 set which is exhibiting something I've seen on other sets but don't quite know what to call, or what to search for in this forum...

This happens via Sky, no idea about the onboard tuner as don't use it and pretty sure I've seen it using DVD source material too (via s-video).

Basically, if there's a darkish scene onscreen and something light/white enters frame the entire display darkens instantaneously. Ditto with the Sky EPG - but not as pronounced, bring it up and look at the image behind, goes dark and lightens again when the EPG goes away.

Is this some mad auto-brightness (or contrast) compensation or somesuch ?

So, two questions:

What's going on ? And,

Can I stop it happening (via a service mode) ?



My old Bush 28" 4:3 set does the same, I believe its just a sign of it being underpowered (i.e. penny pinching on the power supply).


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Yes, I'd agree. Unless there is some feature which intentionally does this, it is probably symptomatic of an inadequate power supply (perhaps due to age, or maybe a design shortcut).


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Thanks to you both. I might write to Bush about it in that case (three month old set, BTW). My chances of gettiong an uprated PSU are probably dismal however.


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