Odac - subjective review!


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I have never done this before - make of that what you will... but I am going to recommend a product.

I was running an onboard realtek sound card out into decent Amp and floor standers. So to be fair I expected some improvement with an external DAC.

For the first time in my HI FI life I am utterly gob smacked at this tiny unit.

Look here if you are interested

NwAvGuy: ODAC Released

There is a UK distributor. Ok I acccept that any DAC might have been an improvement! But this is without doubt the best £100 I have ever spent! :thumbsup:


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Has got excellent reviews from just about everyone considering the price. I contacted the UK guy about this and he is due to also release one with RCA plugs rather than the surface mount mini jack.


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Yes. I did wonder about the RCA route. The thing is so tiny the sockets will be bigger than the board!

I may yet modify this one but TBH the jump in performance had been so huge - I should be able to resist for a while! :rotfl:


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I just ordered one of these (ODAC with RCA). I will keep you posted on how it performs when I get it after its trans-pacific flight (US to Australia)


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Well it only took 5 days from ordering for the ODac to arrive. So far I have been impressed; it is simplicity itself to set up and is a marked improvement over what I was using (Nakamichi AV-10 connected to PC via coax SPDIF).
The ODac is crystal clear and from what I can tell, very neutral. It does reveal the poor quality of some media (particularly YouTube) which can sound harsh and metallic, but with a good source it is very good, nice imaging, clarity and doesn't seem to "add" anything to the source.
I experimented with using a USB 5V injection cable to use an external power supply but I can't honestly say I noticed any difference.
(I got the ODac with RCA outputs BTW)

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