Oculus Quest Pro leaked


So according to a few sources the Quest Pro has been leaked.
Not much in regards to details, but there is information in a 'yet to be released' firmware showing full face tracking and a new type of guardian system.
There is also full IPD and lens adjustments too.

Interesting times.


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not too interested in face tracking, but eye tracking could be important for improved rendering etc, curious to see more on lenses display and audio side of things....


Yup super excited for Facebook profiling people based on what they do or dont look at.
Subliminal advertising is the next step in the add block future.

Nivek TT

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I very much enjoy some social VR. Still enjoying meeting friends in BigScreen. Capturing and communicating facial expressions sounds cool! Don't want to pay a lot of money for it tho!


I don’t do any social gaming in VR so it doesn’t bother me what so ever.
But it’s looking at the bigger picture and what progress is being made is what is exciting.
These are all milestones, like inside out tracking, wireless, no SDE, finger tracking, full hand tracking, eye tracking, mixed reality, edge to edge clarity, human vision FOV, etc.
These things may not interest you but it’s what is coming next you have to think about and what excites me.
All sounds good to me but am sticking with my Quest 2 for a while, although I will be tempted to get a Quest Pro if it has the depth of field thing that they showcased a while back in a prototype.


Other than tracking product placement rather than having adds in your face (good / bad)?
Eye tracking could be used to automatically set IPD and the likes, this could drive down reliance on moving parts and production costs.


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Im happy with the normal Quest 2. Only a much increased FOV would appeal to me.

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