Oculus Quest 2 VR headset + Rotel A14 MkII Amp Reviews & Best of the Month (28th July 2021)

Phil Hinton

Staff member
This week Steve gives us a review of the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset he has been using for the last few weeks and Ed reviews the Rotel A14 MkII Integrated Amplifier. Plus Tom joins us to discuss the best of the month for music, movies and TV.

Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Tom Davies and Steve Withers

00:00:00 - Start
00:00:21 - Welcome
00:12:11 - Competitions
00:15:12 - Rotel A14 MkII Amplifier Review
00:21:53 - Oculus Quest 2 VR headset Review
00:36:53 - Album and vinyl of the week, playlist of the month
00:47:22 - Best movie of the month - Another Round review
00:55:28 - Best 4K Blu-ray of the month - True Romance
01:00:15 - Best TV shows of the month
01:12:06 - Podcast competition

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Nice one guys. Looking forward to Steve's Oculus review. Sounds very interesting! I played resident evil 7: Biohazard on pc (not in vr) and I can imagine how scary its must be in VR. I was freaked out even on a regular screen 😆 Half-life Alyx looks awesome and would be one of the reasons for me buying the Oculus.

Jessica Noir

Well-known Member
I am expecting a full 10,000 review of Steve exploring the world of VR grot on his Oculus!

Seriously though, great podcast as always and I second Tom's love of Another Round. Easily the best film of the year by a country mile.

Am I the only one who misses the longer podcasts? The freewheeling conversations about Fire Crash Investigation, trainers and Dwayne Johnson-erotica where absolute gold!

Toon Army

Well-known Member
Excellent edition gents and can't get enough. I realise your time is valuable like the rest of us but please don't shorten the episodes too much. Like the plan to discuss movies in general more in the future.

1080 jawbreaker

Well-known Member
after about 15mins of vr i get queezy, then feel like sh#t for atleast 12hours which sux as i think vr is the dogs nuts.

Tom Davies

Editorial Contributor
after about 15mins of vr i get queezy, then feel like sh#t for atleast 12hours which sux as i think vr is the dogs nuts.
Playing a game where your character walks but you stand still is horrendous for motion sickness. I think I'm mostly okay with it now but it used to take me like 5 minutes before I felt like throwing up.

Steve Withers

Playing a game where your character walks but you stand still is horrendous for motion sickness. I think I'm mostly okay with it now but it used to take me like 5 minutes before I felt like throwing up.
It doesn't bother me, but a lot of the games I've played recently jump from one spot to another when moving to avoid that sensation.

Toon Army

Well-known Member
Just shown Steve's part/review of the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset to a teenager in the house ( surprisingly awake at this time ) and he loved it.


Well-known Member
There is a Quest thread over on the VR part of the forum for those interested.

Games I love playing @Steve Withers

Eleven Table Tennis - almost as good as the real thing, the physics are superb. Single player, multi player and mini games.

Walkabout Mini Golf - lots of courses and they have just added a new one. Great fun with friends. Even playing alone is good as there are hidden balls with different graphic designs on every hole of every course on the easy levels. If you play the hard version of each course there is a treasure hunt to unlock a themed putter for each course.

Top Golf - Just like the real thing with the added bonus of searching YouTube to play music as you play. This also has a mini golf mode and they have said an 18 hole course is coming.

Zombieland: Headshot Fever - great arcade style shooter, reminds me of something like Time crisis or Virtua Cop. Based on the film series. Very satisfying to double tap zombies in the head to slow down time. Starts off easy but after 6-7 levels gets harder.

Space Pirate Trainer: a wave based shooter where your trying to protect your ship from waves of aliens. Has that just one more go effect to try and beat your scores. Shoot with two weapons or grab a shield/baton to protect yourself.

Blaston: high tech gunslinging duel game.
Face off against a human or AI and try to shoot eachother with different weapons as you dodge or block the bullets coming back at you. First to 2 rounds wins.

Kingspray Graffiti: Spray walls and trains without the fuzz pinching you. Great for creative people or those that just want to draw a giant penis. Real graph artists use this to practice before committing to a wall and so they can play at home, spray can options are apparently the same as you use in the real world and painting walls is almost like real life (not that I would know). It's good fun none the less.

Sidequest - this is now a mobile app for getting beta or early release games, you used to have to download a pc app to get sidequest games on the headset. Worth looking at.


Distinguished Member
Thank you gents.

Tom - I'm a massive point n click fan and coincidentally, have just started playing Loom. It is one of the few Lucasarts adventure games that I've not played. There is a general adventure games thread here.

I love my Quest 2. It's my first foray into VR and I went straight in with Walking Dead Saints and Sinners. Giant mistake as the motion sickness instantly hit and I wasn't right for the rest of the day! I'm used to it now though. Shrewd pricing from Oculus; making compromises in the right areas to nail the power to cost ratio. The 64gb model is a bargain.

I know Quest 2 is predominantly used for games but VR is a very effective tool. The energy industry uses it to train personnel for operating offshore wind turbines for example. Moreover, Oculus is promoting the whole mobile office thing (take a look below):



Active Member
@Steve Withers - I think Guns Akimbo is well worth a watch, Rhys Darby is fantastic in it and Samara Weaving (aka Margot Fauxbie) is great too.

Did Ed manage to stay up to get the runners?

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