Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset Review & Comments


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I had a good reply from OCUK so I was about to order with them:

And then I tried on Amazon again as something wasn't right with the delivery showing on there and the next day option was there for £4ish and I was also offered a 30 day free trial of amazon prime and next day prime delivery so I went for that.
such a crazy amount of bang for your buck imo....
I said this on another forum but i think it is relevant here too......

The quest 2 is not the best vr headset on the market but I think it is the most important.
It is the 1st device to bring "proper" high quality vr at impulse purchase price bracket with no need for extra hardware.
If the quest 2 isn't enough to get vr into the mainstream then I don't think anything will.... (but I am actually fairly optimistic it will / is already doing it).

I'd say it's already doing it. And thanks to the Link Cable, Virtual Desktop and Air-Link it's also doing PC VR a great deal of good too.

It's also got a great deal of developer support too and we're bound to see a lot of successful Quest/2 games being ported to PC VR platforms as well. We've already seen this happening, there are plenty of cross buy games coming both platforms.


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When I got my Quest the main annoyances were:
(1) The resolution was too low, so you could see the pixels.
(2) They decided it was the "games|" model and the Go was the "media model", so despite being more expensive than the Go you couldn't get a lot of the media stuff for it.
Has this changed?


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I cant comment on the software suite but the screen resolution is much higher than the quest 1 and is higher than the Go as well. The screen isnt perfect but i would say its very good.

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