Oculus quest 2 linkcable?


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Hi there!

New and quite noob with the oculus quest 2.

However. My son wish to try out the link option. He has a PC with pretty god specs, but before buying the bit expensive oculus link cable, I went on and tried with just a “regular” USB C - USB 3 cable.
It should be able to transfer up to 5 gbit/s but it’s a 15$ cable.

It works, but a lot of lacking, especially in the menus.

Is this because of the cheap cable, and will the genuine oculus cable be that much better?

Sounds obvious I know, but curious on people’s experience with this.. thank you :)


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Hard to say,
is it USB 3 on both sides?
Is it in a usb 3 port?
Did you do the usb test on the Oculus software?
What's his system specs?


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The Quest 2 won't like it when plugged into a normal USB2.0. However it'll prompt you if you've plugged it in that way.

Make sure it's USB 3, and use a quality cable.
I've been using this with my Quest 2 with great success. No issues so far.

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