Oculus q2- usb- cable recommendations?


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Hi all,

Just put a q2 on the Xmas list for the gf, and wanted to add a usb-c cable too and point her to the best but reasonably priced one (ie not the native oculus one).

Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for brands that have better ones than say budget ones?



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This thread should be useful. Gives you an idea of the huge variation between either hardware or cables.
Also makes me realise I got lucky with 2.4GPS



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I asked the same in the main Quest 2 thread, if you read the last few pages you should see. Ultimately I thought I'd give Virtual Desktop a go and I'm glad I did. Granted I've only run it on Saints and Sinners, Subnautica and one or two others but it's great. Not tried on something like Beat Saber though.

I'm using it with my Virgin Media hub, PC wired to it via a switch, connecting 5Ghz.


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I’ve read the lag can become quite problematic though, doesn’t it?

Not tried it myself but everyone seems to be raving about playing half life Alyx with it and if it can handle that it can handle anything.
A new version came out today too improving response times amongst other things.
At 15 quid it seems a no brainer to go that way first.


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I'm using it with my Virgin Media hub, PC wired to it via a switch, connecting 5Ghz.

Perfect that’s the same setup as me, bar mine goes direct to the hub, so everything is very short proximity from the router which should play to my advantage by the sounds of it!


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Quest 1 user here, but I guess the cable is going to be the same. I bought this one from Amazon -

Amazon product
Along with this because I needed to update my USB ports on my PC -

Amazon product
They both work really well but I only use them for seated games now, I have virtual desktop for standing experiences because my PC room is like Harry Potter's broom cupboard, but also gets poor wifi. If you have a strong WIFI signal then virtual desktop is definitely the way to go, it was poor for me until I upgraded to a mesh WIFI system with a powerline backhaul, which I have split into dedicated 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz networks, the Quest being on the 5Ghz network. It all works flawlessly for me.
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