Oculus Go/Quest Video players that let you wrap and adjust the screen of your own 2D movies?


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Hey, All...

I haven't messed with video playback on the Oculus since the DK1 and DK2 days. I remember using apps like LiveViewRift and MaxVR that would let me take any old 2D video file that I had and ay it back on large screen where I could adjust the size, angle of screen, and of Screen surround, etc.. Back then, the apps did the job, but the support for them dwindled and I lost interest.

Now that I have the Oculus Go and soon the Quest, I was curious if there are video players out there that let me play my own videos locally, but give me control over many screen parameters. I'm not looking for a fancy environment, either.. Just black is fine.

To clarify, the reason is that I have an old video that
I'd like to give as much 3D 'immersive' feeling to as I possibly can. I remember making the virtual screen large and wrapped ways seemed to help with this.
Thanks in advance!

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