October & November - expensive months!

Stuart Wright

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I don't usually find more than 2 or 3 'must have' titles released a month, but

Beauty and the Beast, Windtalkers, E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial, Spider-Man, The Sum of All Fears
Band of Brothers, Star Wars - Episode II, Zulu, Ice Age, Men in Black II, Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron (for the kids)


Um, this might be a long shot, but I reckon it could have something to do with Xmas?


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It would.

Plus theres all those nice UK superbit's to come in october. I might be the only person buying these two but there's also Minority Report and The Scorpion King.:blush:

nope I'm buying Scorpion King too although I must say that apart from the remaining blockbusters like star wars, spiderman and of course the three disc brotherhood of the wolf DVD I think the run up to Christmas is fairly quiet. I only have a few discs on preorder (including Zulu... fousands of them:D ).

October is going to be my most expensive month before christmas still its giving me a chance to develop the old back catalogue and buy some gamecube games.

Squirrel God

From Spectre's list, will be ET, Spider-man, Ice Age and Windtalkers for me :)

Plus let's not forget Insomnia in October and LOTR extended version in November :D

I'll be buying Minority Report as well Kev ;)

Every month is an expensive DVD month for me :rolleyes: :D


Windtalkers for sure.

Also looking forward to Strange Brew (1/10). My favourite comedy film of all time on DVD at last.


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Windtalkers and Insomnia aren't worth owning IMO. I'll be going for Star Wars, E.T, Minority Report and LOTR Extended Cut though.


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Originally posted by Squirrel God
Plus let's not forget Insomnia in October and LOTR extended version in November :D
:eek: I forgot about those. Looks like Santa is going to be bringing me a lot of DVD's for Christmas.


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It's because all the 'Big Summer Blockbusters' (or 'mindless spectacles' as I prefer to call them) get their rushed through DVD release in time for Xmas (or Christmas as I prefer to call it).


I'll save my money & ask for the titles I want (Ep II & LOTR collectors Edition) for xmas!
My birthday is boxing day so again, spiderman & blade II will do nicely as pressies!
sorted :)

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