October 2018 Winner - The Sky


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I haven't entered anything in a while or really taken much photo's this year in general due to changes at work swallowing most of my time. However by reflex I do still try and keep the camera in the car when I can and on my way to work this morning I made an unplanned stop after the sky went very orange.

This was however preceded with 10 mins of swearing behind a huge queue of traffic (thanks to a tractor) as I decide I wanted a photo at his particular spot and was worried the sun would come up too far and lose the deep colouring if I didn't hurry up and get there....

Settings are:


Processed in Lightroom, added a grad filter on the bottom area and dropped blacks a little to make the castle a silhouette without effecting the sky, cropped, straightened and sharpened.

Feel like its still a bit dark but was trying to avoid the temptation to over process.


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Stunning Sky there :)



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Now we’re talking.


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Great sky, great entry

markie g

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Great sky. Not sure if a slightly lower angle would of worked slightly better for me (get some of that castle against the dramatic sky), great entry regardless.

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