Octava HDS32 and TV-link plus


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Aug 28, 2007
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Just bought Octava HDS32 following some helpful advice from Joe Fernand and TMF solutions. Box working fine distributing AppleTV + SkyHD to lounge and kitchen. Seeing as the house already has RF distribution I have upgraded my TV-link to a TV-link plus, so I can control both the Octava and AppleTV from the kitchen (all the boxes are in the lounge). The IR blasters are sat directly in front of the Octava + AppleTV. Whilst I can readily control the SkyHD and Apple TV I cannot control the Octava from the other room (using both the supplied remote and/or Harmony's).

I have removed the TVlink booster/splitter from the loft so there is now a direct connection between lounge and kitchen. The only thing I haven't done is add a mains adapter to the TVlink plus - although the manual suggests this isn't necessary.

So, anyone have any experience or suggestions how to get the Octava IR signal to work over a TV-link system?


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