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Octava HDCMP31 not displaying 360 or PS3 image


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I've recently purchased the Octava HDCMP31-UK 3 in to 1 splitter and I have an issue with it. The unit recognises HDMI inputs from the SkyHD box and Denon DVD player along with the component input from the Wii (albeit it does take a while to display this image). My main problem is that the unit auto senses the PS3 input via HDMI but does not pass the display on to my plasma. To add insult to injury it does not detect the 360 input via VGA and when I manually select the VGA input again no display is passed.

We've unplugged everything and had just the one input in to the device and no image is shown. We've powered it on/off numerous times and still nothing displays.

Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated as this kit was just "supposed" to work! I was hoping to get this working this w/end as I've just taken delivery of a projector and this device is supposed to take all of my inputs and output them as one signal to make the cabling to the projector a lot easier. :confused:


Joe Fernand

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The folk behind the HDMI standard promised us all plug and play connectivity - if only we had known!!!

PS3 - not something we usually have any/many issues with. I take it all is fine with the PS3 direct to your Projector and you are running the latest PS3 firmware?

Xbox - what signal is the Xbox outputting on its VGA port?



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Hi Joe,

The PS3 is fine when plugged straight in to the television and it is running the latest software (3.15 I think it is). The image from the Octava unit is not sent to either the plasma or the projector (we have the Octava 2-1 switch as well but even removing that from the equation we still get no image on the plasma).

The 360 is set to 1024x768 as this is what the plasma supported. We even tried the 360 via component (knowing the component ports work with the Wii) and again we got no image.

Also we noticed that the device wouldn't auto-detect either devices and that we would have to manually select the input.


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Did you get this to work? I was about to order one of these units for pretty much exaclty the same reasons you have stated and if its not going to work then im back to the drawing board


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Hi Scott,

I've got the PS3 aspect working now but the Xbox still has issues i.e. it doesn't work at all! Joe is helping with this and I have one more test to try tonight before we can make a final decision on whether or not the unit is faulty. Can't knock Joe with the support he's given and if the unit is faulty he's already talking about sending a replacement down.

Don't let this put you off the purchase as otherwise it works a treat.



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