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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Dirk 2, Jul 6, 2001.

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    DVD has become, like video 20 years earlier, an outlet not only for the mainstream, but cult, obscure and the downright cheap.

    Every now and then you can find a diamond in the rough so to speak. Today I picked up a copy of Woody Allen's “Take the money & run”. Now I'm not a great fan but I love this ersatz documentary about the world's worst criminal. The visual and verbal slapstick hits the mark most of the time and the film doesn't out stay it's welcome.

    You get a remastered print in non-anamorphic 16:9, which isn't to bad considering the movies age and low budget. There's also copious production notes and biographies, which considering the Spartan presentation of other discs, ain't bad at all. All for a meager £11.99

    Here are a few other titles I rate, either co's of the budget price or simple pleasure of getting such an obscure title of disc:

    Quatermass & the pit. Region 0 (Original TV series)
    The boys from brazil. Region 2 (Good cast, nasty Doberman attack)
    Orca, killer whale. Region 2 (Excellent cash-in movie)
    Both Dr who movies with Pete Cushing. Region 4
    Rentaghost. Region 2 (Excellent kids show before Molly Weir & the pantomime horse turned up and spoilt it)

    And in a perfect world I'd like to see these:

    Hawk the slayer. (It's got Bernard Breslaw in it)
    Day of the triffids. (BBC version early 80's)
    The Keep.
    The incredible melting man. ( I saw this down my local flea pit when it first came out and it scared me senseless)

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