OBS software and Panasonic camcorder live streaming - deinterlacing


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We have been using a Panasonic HC-WXF1M camcorder with a USB Camlink device onto a laptop computer with OBS software to do live streaming with church services.

I live in New Zealand. In the past I have set the camera to AVCHD HE 1920x1080 50i and I have mostly gotten away without motion blurring. Further checking with it on my desk at home with my hand placed close to the lens I can see blurring. At church if I set the camera to MP4 1280x720 25p I definitely see blurring not so much the stage but when moving in the audience are moving around.

So I found out with OBS you can use "deinterlacing" and it helps it enormously. My question is if one is 50i and the other is 25p why do I need OBS on both to do the deinterlacing? If I copied the files off the memory card and play them on my computer screen there is no blurring at all.


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