Oblivion Freezing Issues


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I built a new PC for my brother this weekend using an Intel 6300 and a Gainward 7900GS with the latest Nvidia drivers (93.71) installed.

Everything has been fine so far but he installed Oblivion last night and it seems to be freezing on him meaning he has to go back into windows and kill the process.

The case has lots of room and at least three 120mm fans in it, have also had speed fan running and am pretty sure this is not a temperature issue.

Are there any issues with Oblivion and dual core processors? Is there a specific nvidia driver set that I should really be using instead?

chief barker

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I have been using 84.21 driver set (7800 GTX) for about 8 months now and they run Oblivion and BF2 fine. I haven't seen the need to update them as yet as I have no new games.

I would suggest trying them first. Let us know how you get on.


Also I would suggest using Driver Cleaner pro. as linked below.


Also download this patch for Oblivion (make sure it's the Uk version).


Joe Pineapples

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definelty sounds like a game issue. I had the same problem (as did two friends) with the original install. The later patches cleared the problem up. Also worth visiting the official oblivion forum, where you;ll find some useful tweak guides. Some of these made a major performance difference for me.

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