OB1i or FB1I with 2 X 909

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Hi there, Newbie here.

I wonder if you guys could help me, I have heard this is the place to go to get some good straight advice...

I have...
99 CDP-2
99 pre Amp
2 X 909 Stereo 140WRMS (8ohms), 250WRMS (4ohms)

I can't change my amps as they sitting (Hidden) in custom made oak kitchen cabinet, but have a chance of some new speakers...

I have auditioned the PMC and like them allot... but will my amps be up to driving the OB1i's or should I stick with buying FB1i... hearts wanting OB1I.

I will now need a 13 Meter run for speaker cables, any issues or recommendations here..?

Also does anyone recommend a FM/DAB tuner to hook up to my system for around £300

Thanks in advance if you guys can help, much appreciated. :smashin:


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I think the general advice these days is get the best speakers you can afford. So if you can OB1i's :smashin: I am very pleased with mine

In my experience if you are questioning it now, buying the FB1i's would be a mistake as you would (well I would) always be thinking "if only.."


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Thanks alpha,

Do you know if the 2 X 909's will be powerful enough to drive the OB1i...


Easily I would have thought they are not difficult to drive. You could always pick up another 909 and tri-amp :devil:

There is a PMC owners thread on here if you search, might be worth a read through, I have a vague recollection that there was someone using 909s

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Have you tried the FACT 8? The OB1's will be sound fine with the 2 x 909's, the OB1's will take MORE current than that though! Have fed them with MF Superchargers and the OB1's didnt blink!


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