OAP ambulance driver interview.


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Hi folks, so a family member has been called for an interview for a local job ferrying around oldies for their hospital and community health appointments. The interview is five hours drive away so I've offered to accompany him for several reasons, mostly to offer guidance on his driving as there is a driving assessment as part of the interview. I'm more than happy (and experienced) to give him tips on smooth and safe driving but I was hoping someone on here has been through this process and can give us some tips as to exactly what they're looking for.
Any ideas?



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Not drove anything bigger than a car I am afraid so cannot comment on the van sized ambulances but hope he does ok.

Should probably avoid syncing with the sirens though, may sound cool with the sirens on and shouting "nee naw nee naw nee naw" but may not go down so well :D


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I suspect it is probably more about ensuring you can park the thing with sufficient space to get doors open, wheel chairs in, lifts unfolded etc and being close enough to the curb than about driving at speed TBH.


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I won't post anything else on this thread unless it's useful to the op but that's a click bait thread title if ever I've seen one:nono::D

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Well I happen to work for an ambulance service so;

Brush up on the Highway Code and road signs as there will likely be a test.

The driving assessment will be to see if they can handle a larger van size minibus type smoothly and progressively. No sharp braking or steering or accelerating.

And if they give the candidate the keys to drive say but I haven't done the VDI yet. (Vehicle Daily Inspection). Then check the oil coolant tyres lights etc. before starting the engine.

Monty Nine

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Safeguarding vulnerable adults and children
Infection Control
Ambulance deep cleans
Incident reporting
DBS checks
WTORS wheelchair restraints
Ferno stretchers

Lots to google there!

Monty Nine

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CQC care quality commission this is the regulatory body for all healthcare

And in fact find that particular service's CQC report on line. You will see if they are a service worth working for and either way will show focused research of the service for interview questions

The job is all about safety safety safety and open reporting of incidents and near misses if anything does go wrong.


Oxygen and Entonox
Flow meters


Carry chairs

Stretcher harnesses

Just google and print all this stuff and you will have plenty to revise.

Ask me about any of it or anything else ambulance related I will know most if it


Monty Nine

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Caldicott Guidelines and confidentiality of patient information

Dementia/confused patients


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Caldicott Guidelines and confidentiality of patient information

Dementia/confused patients
This is exactly what I was hoping for.
Thank you very much.
I'll google, print and polypocket all that and that'll give him a great advantage. I'll be using the drive up to whip him into shape driving wise but this can be his bed time reading for the next few days.
Thanks again.

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5 hours drive away?! Blimey that's some way to go. Why is it so far out of interest?


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Headquarters? Assessment center? Are they covering the travel?


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Yes, it's their assessment centre coupled with the fact that we live way out west means it's a fair trek. He's in Swansea and I'm further west again.
I don't know if he's able to claim expenses but I know my wife is preparing the consumables for the trip [emoji4].
I'm hoping there's an element of "oh! You made it!, when can you start?" To it.

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