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o2 XDA 2s Experiance

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by HSC, May 20, 2005.

  1. HSC

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    Nov 23, 2004
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    Hi All
    I thought I would share my experiance with the XDA2s.

    I am a heavy PDA user and was carrying around an HP Ipaq 4150 plus a V3Razor phone everywhere I went. Hence a "converged" device was always going to be the best option.

    I waiting patiently for many months for Moto to release the MPx smartphone over here......but it never materialised and they pulled the product.

    My requirements for a smart phone were as follows:
    Business and Personal Entertainment (Video and Music)
    Windows Mobile 2003SE
    GPRS, Bluetooth & WiFi
    Good Quality and Size of Screen
    Nothing considerable bigger than my 4150.

    So with that in mind the only device that came close was the XDA2s (a.k.a HTC Blue Angel et al)
    I wont go into the details of the physical design and features as that information can be found elsewhere.

    So, after getting hold of one from the o2 online store (very efficient btw) and playing with it for a while I found these issues.
    • frequent crashes mean I am having to soft reset the device at least 5/6 times a day
    • quoted battery times seem to be far short of expectations
    • video performance (quality and a very high number of dropped frames) is very very poor compared to the 4150. I need to view many wmv videos on my pda.
    • WiFi performance is slow and the signal strength is less than half that of my 4150 on the same Access Point.

    I followed this up with o2 and got the following response (note parts in bold):
    The main problem you are having is this freezing problem. This is due to a memory leak, were by applications are not releasing system memory when they have finished using it. We are aware of this problem and have a temporary fix, which is to remove the o2 active menu interface as this seems to be the source of the problem. However to remove this you will need to do a hard reset so you will need to back this up to outlook. Please note that backup and restore, and X-backup will not work as the device will be switched to corporate mode, so restoring from a backup will either fail or install the active menu thus giving the freezing problem again.
    To perform the switch to corporate mode you fist need to do a hard reset, by holding the power button down then pressing the reset button.
    After following the setup instructions through to set the time zone, after setting the time zone you will get some files installed, then it will ask you to select a mode (Personal or Corporate) please select corporate and enter the code 0506 using the numbers that will appear at the bottom of the box, then tap finish. This will not install the active user interface. This may also help the video application run more smoothly but I can’t confirm this as I have not had any problems viewing videos that are stored on the device.
    As I said we are aware of the problem and are working with Microsoft and HTC (the company that builds the devices) to create a permanent solution to the problem.
    This will then be released as a new ROM upgrade on the xda web site www.my-xda.com under the xda2s section in the software section.
    With regards to the WiFi I am unsure as to why this would have a lower reception then you other PDA, I can only assume that the other PDA has a more powerful receiver then the xda but I can’t confirm this as our knowledge of the WiFi feature is very limited due to it being a handset feature rather then an o2 network feature. The only support we can offer for WiFi is when using the cloud landing page in cafes such as café Nero.
    The stated battery times as with most mobile devices is when the device is using the services in a high signal area and all power saving options are enabled.
    So standby time is when WiFi, Bluetooth, and infrared are turned off, the device has a constant full GSM signal and is in sleep mode. I know in practice this is never the case but this is how the industries measure these times.

    So I took o2's advise and reset the device - and I have to say it no longer crashes (only once since the upgrade).

    In terms of video performance it was still really naff compared to my 4150 and was losing whole seconds of video and getting terrible lipsync. So after a bit of testing the only solution I could come up with was the overclock the CPU to 472mhz/530mhz using XCPUScalar. This has resolved the video performance issue....yipee..!!!

    However for using it to fix the problem, I recieved the following response from o2:
    As with any third party software, we do not support the functionality or service which it provides, so we cannot support you with any problems you may encounter; this will have to be done by the manufacturer of the software.
    In regards to warranty; warranty will be invalid if the software which you install causes either causes damage to the hardware or the ROM on the device, if warranty is required due to something which is not affected by third party software, then normal rules apply.

    In conclusion I now have a very good "converged" device that works well - aside from the following:
    • WiFi signal strength is still poor - but that only really effects file transfer, not web browsing which I use it for most
    • I no longer have the snappy o2 interface - which is a shame as it was very nice to use
    • a dodgy warranty situation over the use of overclocking....

    oh well.......we live and learn..... :rolleyes:
  2. harmlos

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    May 22, 2005
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    some of our ibm engineers are always complaining about the xda2's that had supplied to them. similar experiences to yourself, lockingup/cant hear on it, the device constantly needs rebooting. i was thinking about getting one but wont be now.

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