O2 wireless box 2 / ii - Use with different ISP?


I'm with O2 Broadband, but have upgraded my router and have the O2 box 'spare'. I'm donating it to a friend, so he can be free from the wire shackles (and get his ps3 online), but he's not with O2.

I understand I can't flash the O2 box with generic Thompson firmware (not without an electronics A-level it seems anyway), but can I use it with a different ISP with the O2 firmware still loaded? Has anybody done this?

Thanks for any help.


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I'm 99.9% sure this won't work. Have a Google and see if anybody else has done it successfully.

Also, you've only got the O2 box on "loan" from O2, if you ever leave them you'll have to return it.


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I would keep it because if you ever get connectivity problems with O2 (or indeed any other ISP) they expect you to connect the router that they provided you with in order to diagnose the issue.

very surprised if you cant connect if they will support a 3rd party router


I've been googling this like crazy, and just found this:

"Yes you would be able to use this with other ISPs.

Login using "SuperUser", and "O2Br0ad64nd" as password, to make sure you have maximum privileges.

If it is an ISP using PPPoA, such as 8 Meg BT IP Stream product, then you would log into the router and enter the radius username and password into the Home > Broadband > ADSL section.

For ADSL2+ (20Meg) products you would use the Home > Broadband > ADSL2_Plus section and enter username and password there (if required).

If you need to change settings such as VPI and MTU for this ISP then you will have to log in using telent and change the settings using the CLI manual. "

I've also noted that the non-LLU settings for O2 are the same as my friends ISP, so I'm hopeful. I can always pinch it back if O2 request the router... but, have they ever requested the return at the end of a contract?


From what I've read on other sites yes they do... But they do send you a pre-paid Jiffy bag :)

I'm actually surprised, but fair enough thats the contract.. If they need a stock pile, they can have it back at the end of my contract.

If anyone has a success / failure story for usage with a different ISP please still post it. I'll let you know how I get on soon too.



By way of a follow up to this thread..

i tried the o2 router on my friends non-o2 connection this weekend, with no joy.

The ADSL (not ADSL2) settings are the same for both ISP's, and using the SuperUser Login details for the router I was able to enter the username / password for his ISP.. a broadband connection was found, the connection speed was displayed, but I just kept getting 'Authentication failed'. Checked the login info with his ISP, all correct, so I can only assume that the router checks for an O2(/BE) connection in a way that is not visible to the user.

The only telltale I noticed was that after each failed login the username would reset to an ***@o2.co.uk.. so possibly although it would allow a different username to be entered it wouldn't actually use that for authentication.

Close but no cigar on this one, so now o2 are really welcome to their router back.

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