O2 wifi router pc-pc file transfers


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I have just swapped to O2 from Virgin. I used a belkin n1+mimo wireless router for Virgin and if I sent the wife a photo/large file etc over msn messenger (from dining room to living room lol) , it went far faster than the broadband was capable of, so I assume it went direct to her over the airwaves.

I tried to send her something the same way now we have O2 and their router, but the tranfer speed was pathetically slow. It was registering slower than a 56K dialup line would.

Is there any settings I can change to speed it up, or could I used the Belkin router (guess I'd need a modem as the O2 one is built in to the router I think)


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You could set up a direct PC-PC "ad-hoc" peer-to-peer network and not bother with the router at all for file transfers.

I don't think that would allow to use MSN though.

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