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Sep 5, 2001
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Is it just me, or do they provide the worst customer service ever seen?

I ordered a Moto V600 last Wed. Had a confirmation email. Great so far. Rang there 50p per min customer service line to confirm about how to port my exsiting no to them and also to check stock of the phone, of which they DID have stock.

Emailed details of PAC code next evening. Had a reply saying that they can't port no. without having the temp o2 no. and Sim Card no., fine me thinks.

2 days later, still no email to confirm dispatch of phone, email again, end up with standard automated email crap on how to track phone. Try that on securcor website, no record of order no.
Email O2 again, no replay after 2 days.

Ended up with me getting so p****** off with the lack of communication that I emailed them again to cancel the whole order and refund my money for the phone.

Guess what? No reply to confirm receipt of email.

Will I get my money back, will I end up with a phone?


Anybody else had/having problems too?
Ive been with 02 for about 3 years now (in the days when they were genie) and yes they are quite simply the worst business I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. Partly my own doing though I suppose by always staying with them but unfortunetly their tariffs are damn good. However they know this so they think they can offer awful service. The amount of time of mine they have wasted is amazing, and they really cant even do the simplist of things, bascially dont give in, eventually someone with half a brain will sort out your problem!
I just got a new contract with them and they have been excellent so far, quite a contrast to most people's opinions. Ordered my phone (Samsung E700) on a wednesday night and had received it by friday morning. The number porting also was good - that only took a week from when I received the phone.

I do agree that the 0900 helpline number is a disgrace though.
Well, what arrived via courier today, a week since my last post.

What a load of s***.

Phone is great, have ordered another from elsewhere arrives 2moro, the same time that this 1 hits the post back 2 o2.

Now i've only got 2 wait 2 weeks for a refund for a phone that I cancelled a week before dispatch!

My own good comment was the guy on the phone to day (patrick) was really helpful, shame about the rest of tis organisation.

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