O2 network problems

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On Tesco mobile which uses O2. Haven't had a signal at home since yesterday afternoon some time. The signal has been on and off over night, running my iPhone flat.
Very frustrating. I bet they lose customers.


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Was fine yesterday but now can't get a thing...


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Was fine yesterday but now can't get a thing...

yeh, same for me in Berkshire. Ok yesterday but today not working. Not a big deal for me as I am only a light user.

Changed settings to gsm only as this was said to work for calls and texts but that has not worked for me.


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A broken O2 is still better than T-Orange that I was on before !

Unfortunately these things occasionally happen.

Leaving O2 and tesco and going to orange was the best thing I ever did, O2's signal has always been terrible.


I'm in Romford. Same here
Strange as I am just down the road to you in Rainham and have had no loss of service - well not that I have noticed. I used my phone several times yesturday and today and all calls were fine, getting my emails and the odd bit of web usage. The first I knew of the o2 problems was when watching the lunch time news today.


Jay Z

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I am in Uxbridge and my GG network went down yesterday evening/ late afternoon, but returned this morning.



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Apparently the issue wasn't location specific.

It was to do with th sim's registration on the network.

All 4 lines where affected in my house, making life more difficult.

I instigated a sim swap just before I knew of the problems, and this is still a problem.

I've had to make several phone calls, and promises not kept, which is what annoys me more than the outage.

They have given me a £10 credit, but I would've just preferred better and more informative updates.

The latest on the blog, is they will reward in an O2 way!!!


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Interesting. Got a text saying I can expect 10% back and £10 to spend via Priority Moments

The only thing is that during the entire outage period I was in Barcelona :D For anyone interested it was 30*c by day, 20*c by night whilst I understand it rained a lot here :)

Jay Z

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I got an email from GiffGaff that due to the outage, they are prepared to add 10% extra topup from a period on top of any credit I put on my phone. I guess O2 are doing the same via priority moments?

Jay Z

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That's true Steven. But what if this outage occurred with other operators? Would they have switched still?

It's a strange one but goes to show that no network is perfect. If you are a business or rely on your mobile for business purposes, you should always have a backup phone with another network. Even if it's a pay as you go, at least important people have access to a secondary phone number.


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