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As a general rule, is it better than "dial-up" WAP? And are there additional charges for making use of the service?

I've always stuck to "regular" WAP in the past as I rarely make use of it, but I've just downloaded the WAP/MMS settings for my new handset from the Nokia site, and notice that the default setting is for GPRS. Should I instead set my phone up the way it was on my 6610?

I don't want to have a huge bill landing on my doormat at the end of the month so can someone pleae advise me on the costs that I'm likely to incurr? I'm aware that you only pay for data actually downloaded, but how much, and what would "normal use" (looking up cinema listings for example) equate to in terms of information downloaded? (Roughly!)

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my o2 contract allows me to have 500 min wap and 1mb gprs with extra gprs costing £3/mb iirc.. personally i think that gprs is way overpriced at the moment and only use it for surfing via my ipaq (and have no other connection available)..

certainly for any site with images its quite easy to download a lot of information quickly (although im sure you can turn off image downloads etc).. but since cinema listings are available on wap i just use that despite it being much much slower.

just at a (very!) rough guess, depending on the site you visit id say its quite likely you could be looking at 200kb for looking up the average movie time.
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