NY NY - Central Park

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Hi all - my first stab..

This was taken on an old (15 years) Canon EOS100 with an elastic band holding the battery in :)

Kodak ISO 200 slide film
18-200mm Sigma Lens
Default shutter speed & auto focus
Scanned by a mate with a Canon Flatbed scanner
Converted to grayscale in photoshop, a touch of unsharp mask and resized for this comp.

That's pretty much it - I normally use a Canon 350D but I was having problems with it so dug my old reliable out of the cupboard for the trip.:thumbsup:


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The top left of the image spoils this for me, personaly I would have edited this out.


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hi - fair comment... think it may be too much white space but I'll try that to see how it looks - cheers



Hi Bertha

I hate to say this but as the shot was taken on film it isn't valid :(

We need the exif to verify that the picture was taken within the month of the competition!

Sorry closing, but feel free to enter another if you so wish :)
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