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Hi all,

I'm probably being incredibly thick here.. I just bought an NW-HD5H and would like to copy across mp3 files into Atrac3Plus format. I can get SonicStage to copy them across as Atrac3 no problem but Atrac3PLUS is not even listed as an option!!! My device (Nw-HD5H) is listed as (ATRAC Audio Device (G:)), are other peoples identified as HD-5's, could this be the problem?

Really doing my head in, any help much appreciated!


The device is listed as Atrac Audio Device, & when l transfer my files , l use the 48kbps setting ,where it not listed as Atrac3 or Atrac3Plus, l only get to notice the setting as 48kbps Atrac3plus ......., when l play the unit.
BY THE WAY I GOT THE HD5H :thumbsup:


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I'm pretty sure that SonicStage won't convert mp3's to Atrac+at a higher bitrate. You can put mp3's directly on the HD5 with no conversion. (Well, SS does put a wrapper on the file to change it to an oma file, but the data is unchanged.) The HD5 does show up as an "Atrac audio device" in SS.

Click the 'settings' button on the middle divider of the transfer window, or try going to the Tools-->Options-->Transfer menu and try selecting conversion format there.


Thanks for replies:)
I figured out that in Sonic Stage when I choose the 'settings' > conversion and choose a bit rate NOT classed as (Atrac3) then this is actually Atrac3Plus!
Been using the NW-HD5H for a week now, by FAR the best player out there, so much better than the ipod:) (which I've owned).

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