NW-HD3 Shuffling multiple albums without a play list

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by garth_newton, Feb 23, 2005.

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    Hey all....do you remember the stereo systems that would facilitate 5 cds? You could put any 5 cds in and press shuffle and the system would randomly play tracks from all 5 albums. I want to do the same thing with my NW-HD3 on an ad hoc basis.... without previously setting up a playlist. Is this possible? Is it possible to just select any (by going through the menus and ticking/selecting or whatever) 3, 5 or 15 albums and put them on shuffle without setting them up as a playlist beforehand?

    If its not possible any rumours of this facility being available on Sony's next software upgrade?

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