NW HD3 - sending it straight back!


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Well, after just two days I am sending my NW HD3 back. Perhaps it's my own fault because I had read on this forum some of the problems but I thought that it probably on affected a few people and I would be fine.

I wasn't.

There were a whole load of niggly little problems that I could just about live with but I had 2 that were imho showstoppers.

1. Sonic Stage

Yup, it's a fairly un-friendly bit of software but I could live with that. What I couldn't live with was the fact that after I installed it it would run once fine (as fine as it could do) and but if I closed it and then tried to start it up again it wouldn't start. Just went through the startup and dumped be back to the desktop without an error message. If I re-installed the software then the same would happen again. Would start fine once, but not again.

2. Background hiss

There is background hiss on all the tracks. That's using the supplied ear-phones. Perhaps there wouldn't be if I used different phones but I'm not going to even experiment given the problems above.

To cap it all I just spent half an hour on the phone to Sony and they couldn't help and just suggested the problem was with my PC.

If you've got an HD3 and haven't got these problems then congratulations - it's a nice bit of kit. But given my experiences, which seems to echo what other people have found, then I suspect that Sony have dropped the ball on this one.

The only question is - what do I get instead?


i´ve just ordered a nw-hd3 even i´ve heard that people has had problems with that hiss. I read that the hiss is a manufacture problem... i hope that i have no problems, otherwise i will send it back too.

just a question: did you transfer your music to the hd3 in mp3 or in atrac? most of the people have complained because of using mp3 instead of atrac...(that might be source of the hiss...just theories... ) i´ll use atrac...

sony suggested that the problem was with your pc not only with the problem of sonicstage but with the hiss also?

i´m scaring myself.....


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I transferred some in mp3 (that I already had on my PC) and some in atrac that I ripped myself. There was hiss on both.

I didn't ask Sony about the hiss because it was academic by that point.

To be perfectly honest I am a Sony fan but this product falls far short of their standards. I don't think it is ready for market yet and they seem to have rushed it out. I think some people will have no problems, some will have a few problems and live with it and some will send it back.

I hope you're one of the lucky ones.


I assume that the hissing is just a bug in some of the players manufactured. Most players have no such problems... well mine and the punters down the road. Send em back and get a new one? Ive used shure E2c things, and the sony £25 fanotopia ones. Both are fine. All of my tracks are in mp3 as well.
Does the NW-HD1 have a hiss problem?

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Some have been reported and others havent. Mine hasn't :)
Well I have ordered mine yesterday but as its an old model now I wonder if Sony actually upgraded it or if the problems have been sorted out.

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The upgrade costs £15 via Sony UK. It will not come upgraded in the box. So cannot play MP3's natively.
Thanks I will just stick to Atrac 3 then lol

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If you've got loads of MP3's it can take a while to convert them to Atrac and you will lose a bit of quality on conversion.

£15 is worth it for the hassle I'd say.

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