NW-HD3 authorisation with Connect, for use on 2PC's

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by andsmall, Feb 16, 2005.

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    Hi, Has anyone else had any problems authorising the NWHD3 so that it can be used on two PC's ?.

    I know that the procedure involves using sonic stage and registering with Connect Europe to allow the unit to be authorised for the use on up to 5 pc's, all seems quite simple but....this is where the headache begins, for some reason when I click register to try and register with Connect Europe all that seems to happen is that the page refreshes, this also happens if I go in direct via internet explorer. I have tried it on 2 pc's one is a Sony Viao laptop and the other a novatech machine. Both run Win XP Pro, Service Pack 2, all updates for windows installed, latest version of internet explorer and media player, latest version of Sonic Stage. The specs are all in excess of what Sony recommend for running sonic stage and using Connect but no Joy on either.

    I have a feeling that it could have something to do with the security settings for internet explorer or my firewall, the laptop runs norton and the novatech runs mcafee, I have treid lowering the settings, making sure cookies, activex and java are all enabled but to no avail.

    Although I have the latest version of Sonic Stage running okay on both machines and can transfer MP3's without any problem, it is very annoying that I am restricted to using the one PC at present. The 5pc's rule is similar in theory to the check out rules on previous verions of sonic stage, that proved unpopular and was removed.

    I can understand them wanting to protect their artists but they do make recordable DVD drives which you can copy vast amounts of data to and distribute should you so wish.

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