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NW-HD1 Capacity Problem

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by foxeh30, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. foxeh30


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    I bought the Sony NW-HD1 last year whilst in America, I havent had one problem with until now...

    I opened up SonicStage yesterday to transfer some tracks over to the player which was ready and waiting in the "Dock". As the software opened a dialogue box appeared and stated something like "Erasing Digital Rights". The box was only on screen for around 3-4 secs so I couldnt quite make out what exactly was in the box and then it disappeared. A bit baffled I took the player out of the dock and tried to play some of the tracks to make sure it was alright. When I tried to paly any of the songs I got "Error playing track".

    Being very annoyed I decided to format the player using the menu as I knew I still had all the albums sitting on my PC. When I re-docked the player SonicStage showed 0.0kb space left on the player! I took the player back out and formatted again to make sure it had worked, I got "No Database Found". Tried to transfer again, still showing 0.0kb space.

    I went into the Device/Media properties via SonicStage and the overall capaicty was showing 0.0kb :(

    I have uninstalled SonicStage reinstalled, tried the US version and EU version and updated SonicStage. I also tried it on another PC.

    I have emailed Sony but I am yet to have a reply, any help or info from these forums will be grately appreciated.


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