Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K: Alternate remote with big chunky buttons


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I recently bought a Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Due to poor coordination I'm struggling to use the Toblerone shaped remote.
Clearly Nvidia have no ideas about accessibility
If I can't resolve this then I'll have to send the Shield back. Yes it's that big an issue

I'm looking for Alternate remote with big chunky buttons searching google gives suggestions which are either based on the 2017 model or not available in the UK
I read a blog that suggest a do everything remote that cost twice the price of the Shield

There is also some debate as to if Bluetooth works reliably which suggests using a USB dongle

Some of the functions bellow I can do with TV remote or with MINIX NEO A2 Lite that I already have but not all.

Settings button

Navigation For me this is where the Toblerone remote fails I really need separate buttons not a wheel
Up, Down, Left & Right
OK / Select
Long OK / Select (Used in Kodi)

Play, pause, stop etc.

Nice to have
QERTY Keyboard

Not Needed
Air mouse (I can just about use this on the NEO A2 Lite but very limited to clicking in search boxes etc. From what I can tell on the shield this isn't necessary )
Voice control

BTW: I set up the Shield using Keyboard and mouse so will need to tweak settings once I know I'm actually going to keep it
From what I've been able to do it seems to do well
Not seen the AI Upscaling working yet when I try on 1080p content I get message saying upscaling not needed, this could be being done by the TV
Some 4K Atmos / Dolby Vision files play but not all too early to workout why, When I can get LG SmartShare to handshake properly these play correctly

Thanx in advance


i use my logitech harmony to control my shield.
that might be an option for you.


Which one @chenks ? There seems to be multiple not all are still available

you'll need any that supports bluetooth, which will be probably be just the ones that use the hub.

logitech no longer sell them "new", but you might be able to pick up a second hand one.

another option might be sofabaton


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I've personally used one of these with my 2019 Shield Pro:

Just £6.25 on Ebay and works perfectly with the Shield. Comes with it's own dongle which you need to plug into one of the Shield's USB sockets. It has an air mouse function but I've never used that.

I found for reliable operation it was best to connect the remote's dongle to a short USB extension lead so it was clearly visible across the room from my seated position. You might still need the Shield remote to get the Shield fully setup intially but once that's done you can switch to an alternative full time.



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Thanx @JBA6
That's sound more reasonably than a 80 quid second hand remote
Not 100% sure I'm keeping it yet so far unimpressed but that's another thread

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