Nvidia Shield Pro + TV + 2.0 Receiver


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Hey there!,

Hopefully I'm posting my question in the proper forum!

I'm planning to upgrade my Shield's audio experience, my preferred setup is:
  • Samsung Q60 43" (which already own)
  • Nvidia Shield Pro (which already own)
  • Stereo receiver NAD M10 (I want to buy)

My idea is to take the Shield Pro audio out from the NAD M10, which has a HDMI ARC input.

As far as I can see the TV has 4 HDMI connections, being HDMI 4 the only one with ARC, so after doing some research about how ARC works, my assumption is, to make my setup work as I want, I would need to do the following connection:

FROM Shield Pro TO HDMI 1-3 (non ARC) on TV
FROM HDMI 4 (ARC) on TV TO NAD M10 receiver HDMI ARC input

And afterwards set the TV to output audio via HDMI

After reading NAD M10's manual I've seen that it allows audio only via HDMI ARC, no video here

Makes sense what I'm writing or did I misunderstood the HDMI ARC technology?



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ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. You'd only ever get audio via ARC regardless of the devices you were using. ARC repurposes an HDMI output from a more conventional AV receiver to allow a TV to output audio to the AV receiver using the HDMI cable more commonly used to convey video from the AV receiver to the TV.

In your case, NAD are only using the HDMI ARC port as an input to access audio from the TV and the receiver would never be used to pass video sources through and out to the TV.


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Thanks for your clarification!

Great that I've understood it correctly then, actually I just need the audio from the TV in this case because the Nvidia Shield Pro will handle the video part, then my setup should work as I expected to.


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