Nvidia Shield and Denon 2700 issues.


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Hi. I'm unsure if this is an AVR or Shield issue so posted in both places. I've had a look around and can't find this issue posted elsewhere, but seems a fairly big one on the visual front. I have a couple of issues, the largest being the title of the post.

I have a LG CX 48, NVIDIA Shield TV (2019) and a (just delivered) Denon 2700h receiver.

I've had the Shield running perfectly well on my CX, able to process HDR10 and DoVi. I need the Shield HDMI'ed into my Denon to make use of DTS and DTS:X sound tracks used my Plex files. Oddly, however despite the Shield recognising Dolby Vision on the CX when directly plugged in, it refuses to recognise Dolby Vision through the Denon AVR. I've tried various cables and no dice. The fact the same cables work on the LG CX surely means it's the AVR? I can't enable any kind of Dolby Vision option on the Shield TV, as it simply doesn't display - unlike when connected to the OLED.

I've messed around with the 4K/8k Signal Format option on the 2700h and no matter whether it's set to 'standard' or 'enhanced' I get the same issue. I assume I can't be the only one having this problem? Thanks in advance.

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