Nvidia GT230M and Samsung UN60D8000- 3D help


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Here is my setup:

HP DV7t-3000 Notebook
Intel 1.6ghz Core i7-720qm (Quadcore CPU)
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 230M
Nvidia Driver: 285.62
Cyberlink PowerDVD 11 Ultra Version 11.0.2024.53
Using 3D Display Mode: HDMI 1.4 enabled 3D TV (1080p 24hz)

The new Samsung 3D LED TV UN60D8000 + 3D Glasses

The problem I'm facing is trying to get the 3D on the TV. When I load my bluray just with the Notebook connected, it automatically plays in 3D mode (detecting the Bluray is 3D). But when I connect my 3DTV using HDMI, even though the 3D button is enabled on PDVD (as in it is running in 3d mode), but on the TV it shows a 'normal' picture. Neither does the TV detect 3D signal as it doesn't automatically switch to 3D. I can ofcourse go into 3d mode which is the TV's 2d->3d. So as it stands I can't get REAL 3d signal (tv never detects 3d).

Also the weird thing like I said is that when I don't have my 3dtv connected the video looks '3d' (blurry).. but when I have the 3dtv attached even though it is playing in 3d mode in PDVD the video looks absolutely normal and not 3d even though it is supposedly running in 3d mode.

Can someone help please.

According to here: (click on Supported GPU's first)
3D Vision System Requirements

The 'small-text' 1,3,4 apply to GT230M and according to that it is compatible with HDMI 1.4 given driver is updated- I'm running the latest driver. I don't have 3D vision cuz I don't need it because I have a 3DTV + Glasses, but just saying that the driver update should provide 1.4 compatibility for GT 230M according to that info.

So as far as I can tell. I have everything needed. Anyway to do this? BTW I ran the Cyberlink 3D advisor and under display it shows unknown. And NVIDIA control panel doesn't really show anything 3d related except the normal 3d settings (game settings).
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