Nvidia graphics driver and windows update clash


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I've just reformatted and reinstalled XP MCE on my home computer and windows update is annoying me slightly.

I've downloaded the latest graphics drivers (for 8800gtx) from the nvidia website and installed them. However, windows update is suggesting an update to the driver is available. I'm not at home at the moment so can't post the driver versions, but will do so if need be.

Is this just a quirk of windows update and should be ignored? Or am I missing something?

The reason I had to reinstall was spurious crashes due to incompatible driver issues previously, so am wary of installing too many drivers without being certain whether they're suitable or not.

Thanks for the help. Dan.


It is a quirk of Windows, when it comes to important driver updates such as those for a graphics card I would always manually download the latest version from the manufacturer's website rather than rely on Windows update. It wouldn't even surprise me if Windows update tried to 'update' your driver to a slightly older version.


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I had the same thing with an XP install, I know I already had the latest drivers... I just ignored it, though isn't there an option not to show the update again?



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Thanks for that,

I'm going to take the advice and totally ignore it's requests to 'upgrade'.

I thought there was an option to hide updates, but couldn't find it anywhere. Too much work at the moment - maybe just couldn't see the wood for the trees.



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yes theres an option for it to never show it again its a box if using the update site or you untick it in windows update then a window comes up which seize about not reminding you about it again.

windows update settings make sure its set to tell you aobut updates not any of the automatic download them

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