nVidia DVD decoder and MCE2005 problem



I had nVidia dvd decoder running within MCE2005 very well for a month. The system had InterVideo dvd player/decoder as well, but not used.

Yesterday, I noticed there was no tray icon for nVidia decoder while playing DVD.
I don't know how but windows was using old InterVideo decoder, hence no nVidia decoder icon in tray.

However, MS dvd decoder check utility still said nVidia decoder was primary and preferred decoder.
I couldn't understand then why MCE and WMP were not using nVidia decoder.

I decided to uninstall InterVideo dvd player to leave only nVidia decoder on the system.
After uninstall, check utility showed only nVidia decoder which was good.

Guess what. MCE2005 and WMP couldn't play DVD saying there was no proper dvd decoder intalled!
How is this possible?
because the Nvidia encoder is flakey. I had this prob once but updated to the latest release and it solved the problem. It still crashes now and then so i might go back to WIn dvd encoder which to be honest is about the same IMO


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Maybe something broke the installation, try uninstalling and re-installing perhaps? The fact that the codecs are registered in the registry is shown by DECCHECK telling you they're preferred, however if they're dependent on something that's gone they won't load and so WMP will complain when it tries to use them.


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Just a thought, but you said it worked fine for a month, are you using the 30 day demo version? If so has it expired?

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