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Discussion in 'Home Entertainment Computers' started by Lupin 3rd, Aug 10, 2013.

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    Hi everybody.
    I've an HTPC with Geforce GT 630 with last drivers.
    I buyed Nvidia card because I've to create custom Cinemascope resolutions (1920x816 pixels) for my 21:9 projector screen.

    My Full HD projector perfectly support this custom resolution!
    So I've created:
    - 1920x816 @ 60Hz
    - 1920x816 @ 50Hz
    - 1920x816 @ 24hz

    Those resolutions are perfect for my setup.
    Anyway I use my HTPC to play m2ts files ripped from Blu ray.... so I've to create another custom res. [email protected]

    My projector perfectly supports also this last resolution BUT ...

    My problem is that I can't maintain both [email protected] and [email protected] !!

    It seems like I've to choose which one to maintain !

    I hope that I'm using the wrong routine to create custom resolutions ....

    Look at this picture ...


    To abtain 23.976 hz I write this frequency in the filed with the red arrow.
    I test the resolution and the system after some second give me a visible image.
    The system automatically change the tiped frequency from 23.976 in 24 Hz.
    Anyway If I apply this res. the pj tells me that is arriving perfect 23.976 freq.

    After that If I try to create a new [email protected] res. the system have strange response and CHANGE my previous 23.976 res. in 24Hz.

    I repeat: It seems like It is impossible to have both 24 and 23.976 res. togheter.

    Any idea about this?

    thank you so much for any feedback.

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